Social Involvement

Making a Positive and Sustainable Difference in The Lives of Everyone Around Us.

At Mundial Group, we pay particular attention to the actions we take with regard to society, which goes hand in hand with our values and our guiding principles, especially those of making a positive and lasting difference in the lives of everyone around us.

Make a Difference… In The Lives of Sick Children

Particularly concerned about the causes of sick children, we support a variety of causes.

      • Mundial Group is a proud sponsor of Canada’s Sears National Kids Cancer Ride fighting the causes of youth cancer. The participation of one of our owners in the ride helped to raise over $ 200,000 over 4 years!
      • Tour CIBC Charles-Bruneau an investment that will raise $ 40,000 over 4 years.

« Being the privileged father of three healthy children and being able to combine my passion for cycling with an event that helps children suffering from cancer, I did not need any further motivation to embrace this worthwhile cause […] » Mario Ferland, Executive VP of Metal Bernard and the President of Mundial Group

Make a Difference… Internationally

csi_bleuInternationally, the group works with Collaboration Santé Internationale (CSI), a non-profit organization that helps people in developing countries, mainly with respect to health and education.

« Every day, I feel privileged to eat my fill and to live in a country of abundance and peace. This is why working with CSI is very important to me.» Louis Veilleux, Metal Bernard CEO

Make a Difference… In Our Region

People at the heart of the Mundial Group family are committed and involved in the community. We encourage a respectful and collaborative dialogue with neighbouring communities while supporting local development.

Our various involvement includes:

  • Partnerships with local sports activities to promote healthy lifestyles among our team and family members.
  • Sponsorship of university projects to support the next generation

Mundial Group also sits on various advisory committees and the boards of directors of various organizations: