Culture of Continuous Improvement

Making a positive and sustainable difference in the life of our team members

As a fundamental value, Mundial Group provides a safe and healthy work environment for all its team members. In our companies, all our processes are people-oriented and focused on the needs of our team members.

Culture of Continuous Improvement

Marked by a culture of continuous improvement, every company in the group applies the principles of the Toyota Production System to waste reduction, an internationally renowned work method. Our companies know how to leverage the experience of their team members to work on continuous process improvement every day.

Our “Daily Management” communication structure, is deployed throughout each of our businesses, and is key to our success in continuous improvement. Day-to-day management is the basis of our decision-making chain. This system is based on the respect and support of our team members, and is an important element in mobilizing our team.

Inverse Pyramid Hierarchy

Guided by the principles of the Toyota Production System (Lean Management), Mundial Group embraces one the basic principles of this philosophy:
the inverted pyramid.

We have set up so-called participatory management. As such, team members find themselves at the top of the pyramid and are supported by the management. The inverted pyramid is therefore not only the basis of our corporate structure, but also the source of our success.




In-House Training and Skills Development

It is in applying procedures on a human scale that we achieve our success. The recipe for our success lies particularly in the continuous training of our teams and the development of our people. In the context of the current labour shortage, our hiring criteria have evolved.

logo-coach-to-coach-ENWe rely more on ATTITUDE than on skills. That’s why we have developed a structured internal training / coaching program that allows our team members to evolve at their own pace and according to their goals.

Health and Safety at Work: The Heart of Our Priorities

Each company provides a work environment free of risks to health and safety. Our role as an employer is to educate team members and provide them with the training they need to perform their work safely. This is one of the main goals of training, starting on each employee’s first day of work.