Metal Fabrication and Welding

CDMB works in the manufacture and processing of metal products, particularly: steel and aluminum welding, mechanically-welded assembly and machining. Thanks to our wide range of services, we can offer you a turnkey product. Our talented and energetic team is committed to producing quality parts and constantly investing in continuous process improvement.


CDMB is committed to offering exemplary service and delivering quality products, offering several quality control services. Our team can validate conformity of parts, according to your requirements by applying standardized control measures.

CDMB complies with CWB standards W47.1 and W59.3 Division 2.


They Trust Us!

For several years, I have been lucky to work with Metal Bernard and CDMB. I can always count on them, whether for a new project where we need their input or for support when unforeseen problems occur in production and I need their services.

Marie-Pierre, Vice-President, Purchasing

After several years in the steel industry, Metal Bernard and CDMB have distinguished themselves through their quick service. They do not hesitate to move heaven and earth to meet any challenge in the shortest possible time.

Alexandre, Procurement supervisor(Steel)

Metal Bernard and CDMB are important business partners to us! Among all of our suppliers, they are the leaders in terms of dynamism, proactivity and reliable delivery!

Mario, Ing. Buyer


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