Sheet Metal Bending

Our expert team will stop at nothing to meet all your sheet metal bending needs. The continuous training of our people and the know-how of our press operators enable us to produce complex parts, in small and large formats, while respecting extremely narrow tolerances.

  • Maximum deck: 30 feet long;
  • Maximum capacity: 1,500 tonnes;
  • Maximum capacity: 10-ton crane.

Our 15 press brakes precisely transform steel, aluminum and stainless steel. They offer endless possibilities of angles, rays, and thicknesses needed for various projects.

  • We use the standard bending charters of the industry.
Our 1500 ton press brake enables us to bend 30′ long metal parts up to 1” thick.

Offline Programming and Virtual Simulation

While a conventional bending process requires the operator to carry out all the programming steps such as tool selection, program creation, machine configuration, and determination of bending sequences, offline programming enables us to carry out all these steps upstream by a programmer and, consequently, to maintain the constant flow of production in the factory.

Main Benefits:

  • Virtual prototyping and faster validation testing, avoiding testing and errors on physical parts;
  • Optimal consistency of your parts at all times;
  • Use of 3D drawings to visualize parts such as those, which have been designed without interpretation ambiguity.


Fast offline programming process demo of a complex part.


  • Our state-of-the-art equipment, combined with the know-how of our benders, enable us to meet all your needs in the bending of small and large metal parts.
  • We have focused on reducing turnaround times (SMED), by leveling our production team structure, and organizing work cells to increase the capacity and efficiency of our processes for the greater benefit of our Customers.

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