Sheet Metal Cutting

Metal Bernard and Normandin inc. offer the four most common types of cutting used in the industry. Whether for C02 and fiber optic laser cutting, HD plasma, water jet and Oxycutting, we are equipped to cut all types of metals, ranging from extremely thin (0.02 inch) sheets to very thick plates (7 inches).

Our teams take always evaluate countless parameters such as the material characteristics, level of finish, and the required precision. They will work with you to choose the best method for your project.

Laser Cutting

Equipped with 13 CO2 and fiber optic lasers, we offer among the greatest capacity on the market. For impeccable precision and finishing, laser is the usual method, especially for more complex parts.

Metal Thickness / Material Thickness:

Steel: 0.02 inch to 1 inch (0.5 mm x 25.4 mm)

Stainless steel: 0.02 inch x 1 inch (0.5 mm x 25.4 mm)

Aluminum: 0.02 inch x 1 inch (0.5 mm x 25.4 mm)


The maximum dimension of our cutting tables is 8 feet x 26 feet (2.4 m x 7.9 m).

  • Unrivaled quality and efficiency for production with thin sheets;
  • High manufacturing flexibility combined with an almost unlimited variety of materials and shapes;
  • High precision of sides and distortion to the very low heat of the machined part;
  • Optional engraving for identification;

HD Plasma Cutting

Our HD plasma cutting-table enables us to cut parts up to 2¾ inches thick. Fast and reliable, plasma cutting offers an impressive finish at a lower cost, making it an excellent alternative to laser cutting.

Metal Thickness / Material Thickness:

Steel: ≤ 2 inches (51 mm)

Stainless steel: ≤ 2 ¾ inch (70 mm)

Aluminum: ≤ 1 ¾ inch (44.5 mm)


The maximum dimension of our cutting tables is 12 feet x 56 feet (3.7 m x 17 m).


  • Optional angle cutting;
  • High cutting speed from thin to moderately thin pieces;
  • Rapid execution and quality of cutting with minimal retouching (without burrs) at lower cost.


Our Oxycutting table makes it possible to cut very thick metals, up to 7 inches, while maintaining rapid execution. Oxycutting is becomes a cheaper alternative for cutting thick plates.

Metal Thickness / Material Thickness:

Steel: ≤ 7 inches


The maximum size of our cutting tables is 10 feet x 40 feet (3 m x 12 m).

Power: 4 torches

  • An economical choice for cutting thick sheets.

Waterjet Cutting

Water-jet cutting allows the cutting of a wide variety of materials. Without thermal influence, this method is preferred for materials sensitive to the high temperatures generated by other cutting methods.

Metal Thickness / Material Thickness

All materials: ≤ 6 inches


The maximum size of our cutting tables is 6 feet x 12 feet (1.8 m x 3.7 m).


  • Perfect for cutting steel, stainless steel, wood, aluminum, plastic, glass, and rubber;
  • No stress and no deformation in cut materials; Perpendicular cut without rounding;
  • No alteration of the properties of the material and no smoke or harmful gas emission, unlike heat-based methods.

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