Jobs at Metal Bernard

Jobs at Metal Bernard

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With Metal Bernard, Pleasure, Work and Progress are One! Come Build with us!

Working with us means working in a fast-growing business in a safe and secure environment.

With us, there are no employees, but only team members. Have you ever felt like a number? With us, you are a team-member; the management team knows you and greets you on a regular basis!

We believe in the strengths of every members of our team! We want to see them find their place with growth opportunities!

We promote diversity! Man or woman, young or old, Canadians or newcomers, everyone is welcome!

Our guiding principles, mission and management system are people-centered. We have faith that there is still a place for people in the business world!

Happiness can be seen on the faces of team members! A friendly atmosphere is evident in our factory!

If you share these values and enjoy a challenge, apply on one of our available position: