13 March

Mundial Group New Website Launch!

Mundial Group New Website Launch!

After several months of work, The Mundial Group and its divisions are proud to launch their new website! For more than 13 years, Mundial Group has been pursuing its mission which is to build a better manufacturing world. Our objective has never wavered: To be YOUR partner of choice, offering a global solution for industrial outsourcing. Over the years, we have built an outstanding team, with members who share our passion and who, day in and day out; put their heart into making your experience incredible.

Nowadays, Internet is an indispensable tool that allows us to have easy access to the information. So today, we offer you a functional and modern website that will allow you to find everything you need easily.

A new and improved platform
In order to provide a useful and user-friendly platform, we have redesigned the whole concept. From 7 different sites, we have grouped all our divisions into one site. Our goal was to provide simple, easy-to-read navigation to make searches as easy as possible.

Finally, in order to keep direct access to all our partners, we have integrated a newsletter. We invite you to register now!

A more enjoyable visitor experience
Another major improvement is that the site now works on any device (smart phones, tablets and desktop computers). This means that the browsing experience is always the best possible.

Enjoy your visit!