About us

About us

Mundial Group is made up of four manufacturing companies that have a common desire to have a positive and lasting impact on the industrial market. Sharing the same values and the same strategic vision, they all grow together, influenced and guided by principles relating to human nature.

Collaborating with the greatest contractors in Quebec and Canada, Mundial Group offers a global industrial solution and stands out with a simple and personalized approach.

Our 5 principles:

Culture of continuous improvement

Marked by a culture of continuous improvement, every company in the group applies the principles of the Toyota Production System to reduce waste, an internationally renowned work method. Our companies know how to leverage the experience of their team members to work on continuous process improvement every day.

Our “Daily Management” communication structure is deployed throughout each of our businesses and is key to our success in continuous improvement. Day-to-day management is the basis of our decision-making chain. This system is based on the respect and support of our team members and is an important element in mobilizing our team.

Inverse pyramid hierarchy

Guided by the principles of the Toyota Production System (Lean Management), Mundial Group embraces one of the basic principles of this philosophy:
the inverted pyramid.

We have set up so-called participatory management. As such, team members find themselves at the top of the pyramid and are supported by the management. The inverted pyramid is therefore not only the basis of our corporate structure, but also the source of our success.



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