Building together
by helping and sharing

A human-centred approach

Every day, we work to develop sincere and authentic relationships with our partners, to strengthen the bonds that unite us.

Technology at our service

Technology is first and foremost a tool that allows us to personalize our customer relationships. We started our digital transformation in 2017. We are now recognized as pioneers in Quebec’s Industrial Revolution 4.0.

A powerful and diverse network

Through the strength of our teams, companies, and partners we are able to offer you innovative solutions which allow you to expand your business potential.


Since 1982, the needs of our customers have evolved considerably.  Acquisitions and business development allow us to offer a service that meets your needs.  The processes in place make us responsive and flexible in caring out your projects. 

Mass transit



Zero emission vehicle





A talented team

Service excellency

Sheet metal

Mundial Group offers a complete solution for your sheet metal fabrication needs. Whether it’s a simple cut-to-print part or a complex welded sub-assembly, we are able to meet all your requirements.

Relationship wich last

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