03 May

BCI Rubber, Winner at The Gala de l’Entreprise Beauceronne

BCI Rubber, Winner at The Gala de l’Entreprise Beauceronne

May 3, 2016 – BCI Rubber Inc. would like to start with a general “thank you” to the jury that granted it the Industrial Investment Project award. It is a tremendous honour for our whole team to receive this trophy that recognizes its long-term work.

A second special thank you goes to the members of our team who have always supported and helped our initiatives!

Looking back, we can see the path that led us here over such a short period. Since 2013, the remarkable growth of our business has allowed us to implement many projects. These include the development and marketing of our Flexarmor® products, the purchase of equipment and the expansion of our factory and offices.

In just three years, our sales have increased significantly with the launch of our Flexarmor® mining products and several new members have joined our team. We can be proud of these accomplishments, but we are even more optimistic when we look to the future.

The gala, which recognizes innovative companies in the Beauce region, has once again demonstrated our businesses’ dynamism and ambition. We can be proud of our region, which stands out for its entrepreneurial DNA!