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La Guadeloupe (Québec), June 30th, 2021 – BCI Wear Solutions Inc. (BCI) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Steelguard, a manufacturer of metal products and wearprotection coating technologies (www.steelguard.ca) based in Howick, Montérégie, Quebec.

Steelguard’s wear-protection coating technologies protects equipment against abrasion, erosion, cavitation, friction, fatigue and corrosion. These technologies and products include chromium carbide overlay wear plates for the mining industry. This is strategically important and synergistic because it is also a major growth area within BCI.

“We are pleased to welcome Steelguard to the BCI family. This is another important step in the realization of our strategic expansion and consolidation plan aimed at creating a large-scale company of products and wear solutions for the primary and industrial sectors”, explains Louis Veilleux, president of BCI. “Steelguard’s products and expertise complement BCI’s offering very well, and we share the same values when it comes to product quality and customer service,” he concludes. “Steelguard’s solutions and products, particularly chromium carbide overlay (CCO) wear plates, are highly regarded and recognized by customers in the primary industries. We are excited about broadening our product line of rubber-based wear products to include Steelguard’s complementary offerings.” says Éric Champagne, BCI’s chief
operating officer.

“We are very happy to have completed this transaction with BCI. This group is growing strategically and will enhance Steelguard’s operations to ensure the sustainability of the business for the benefit of our customers, partners and employees.” says André Strebel, president of Steelguard.

About BCI Wear Solutions inc.

BCI Wear Solutions Inc. designs and manufactures wear protection products and solutions to enable its customers to increase process efficiency, increase equipment service life and productivity. BCI is recognized for its innovative solutions, its responsiveness, and the quality of its products delivered on time.

About Steelguard

Steelguard has been offering wear-protection coating technologies since 2012 to safeguard equipment against abrasion, erosion, cavitation, friction, fatigue and corrosion. Its chromium carbide based solutions are recognized and have been adopted by a broad array of primary and industrial sectors, mainly in North America.



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