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Mundial Group is a company specializing in industrial outsourcing, specifically in integrated manufacturing, for over forty years. Over time, we have managed to stand out, but above all, we have never stopped evolving, challenging ourselves, and have never underestimated the importance of building strong, sincere, and lasting relationships with our team members, as well as with our business partners. Joining the Best Managed program not only allows us to continue on this path but also gives us access to a network of global companies with proven business practices. Expanding our network is part of our strategic priorities, and this obviously involves venturing beyond Quebec. This program allows us to showcase and highlight companies like ours across the country. We were surprised to find out how underrepresented the manufacturing sector is in the network. This is why we are very proud to be able to do it at the national level through the Best Managed.

On May 15th, our team officially became a full-fledged member of this program.

“The 2024 Best Managed winners exemplify the highest Canadian business standards of innovation, adaptability, and bold leadership,” said Lorrie King, Partner, Deloitte Private, Global Best Managed Leader and Co-Leader, Canada’s Best Managed Companies program. “Their relentless ambition, determined focus, and strategic agility have led them to remain competitive on the world stage, creating sustainable economic growth in an evolving global market.”

Mundial Group aims to develop new markets, new business partners across Canada, and this seal of excellence will help propel our companies towards achieving this goal. Being part of Canada’s Best Managed Companies is not an easy process. It requires standing out in four major categories:

  • Strategy;
  • Capacity and innovation;
  • Culture and engagement;
  • Governance and finances.


Companies must excel in all these categories in addition to proving that they have the ability to grow. A process that spans several months, but is extremely relevant.

Finally, one of the first motivating factors that prompted us to embark on this journey was to contribute to strengthening our corporate culture. For us, this type of recognition is a way to thank and congratulate our team for their daily work. It is also a way to show them that they have the opportunity to evolve in a company that is committed to offering them an exemplary, healthy, and safe work environment, where they can flourish and continue to grow.

Thanks to the Best Managed program, which once again encouraged us to always strive for better!



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