Rubber & silicone molding



We aim to find innovative solutions that meet your needs while focusing on the efficiency of our manufacturing processes for the optimum production of your parts.

Our approach



We design and manufacture our own molds, which greatly improves the delivery time of new part prototypes.

Our team will help you design your part and the mold required to produce it. Our experts will offer different options regarding the mold format and suggest the most flexible mold concept possible to allow for any change to the piece’s shape. The performance of your part is our primary concern.

Rubber parts


For over 34 years, experts from BCI Rubber continue to perfect the art of moulding custom rubber parts in order to provide you with a product that meets all your needs. The elastic properties of rubber make the ideal choice for, among other things, absorbing shock and vibration or to seal.

Our 36 presses, ranging from 30 to 1500 tons capacity, allowing us to produce small and large-scale parts.


Silicone part


BCI Rubber offers a complete solution for silicone part molding. Thanks to their heat resistance and flexibility, silicone parts are often used in specialized fields such as food, medical and electrical.



We have developed expertise and innovative techniques to ensure a strong adhesion between metal, rubber, ceramic and silicone. The result is an endless possibility of combinations that could apply to all areas.

CNC & Conventional


Our cutting-edge digital and conventional machining equipment, combined with our experienced machinists, allow us to offer a turnkey service from parts design to delivery.

Equipment & Services



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